Our History

Our History

Goldenrule Housing & Community Development Corporation Inc (Goldenrule) had its humble beginnings April 9, 1991. The organization began as a ministry to combat, community blight and abuse of low income families by slum lords in Seminole County. The organization served and continues to serve as a bridge informing families of upcoming and current programs being offered by government and other agencies for low income families.

Goldenrule was incorporated by visionary Amefika Gueka, Altermease Smith-Bently, Willie King, Julia Lewis, Gayle Murphey-Lewis, Rhonda Flagler and others that lived in the communities that they wanted to change; and change they did.

Goldenrule answered the challenge put forth to us from the City of Sanford. The challenge was to find five (5) qualified families to build homes on (5) lots that the City donated to Goldenrule. The challenge was to have this mission accomplished with in one year. Not only did Goldenrule meet the challenge but accomplished the challenge in six months. This was accomplished before there was State Housing Initiative Programs (Ship) and The State Bond Program (both are down payment assistance programs).

Goldenrule continues to build above standard affordable housing. GoldenRule raised the bar on affordable housing. When other contractors were building 3 bedrooms 1 bath or1 1/2 bath homes we built 2 full bathroom homes. Not only do we build garages and not carports each home is equipped with a dishwasher and washer, Dryer hook ups. The floors are wall to carpet and tile not vinyl.

There were extremely low income single mothers that wanted homes for their families. These mothers could not afford a mortgage. Goldenrule knew of homes that were being demolished for the widening of a road. We approached the county to ask them to donate them to the organization. We were granted three homes. These homes were moved to new locations, and the rest is history. Those families, 14 years later are still enjoying their homes and their children are now adults.

GoldenRule has assisted hundreds families to become first time homeowners, new homes, existing homes, those that were in danger of loosing their homes due to fore closure, rental assistance, resource & referrals; also, education in financial management.

We have 20 years of experience in Housing Counseling, new home construction, homeowner rehab, rehab and purchase and referral and resource distribution.

We are a  Housing Counseling Agency and a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). CHDO s are non profits that own, sponsor, and/or develop affordable housing. There are HOME funds that are set especially for CHDOs. The HOME program was enacted by Congress in 1990 to ensue that funds exist to meet the needs of affordable housing.

We are affiliated with H-CAR (consortium of nine county HUD Housing Counseling Agencies), The Seminole County Committee on Aging, Community Legal Services and other agencies.

Our Vision Statement is: To become the World Class provider and first response to the housing and community developmental needs’ to include counseling and financial services.

Mission Statement: To provide and promote environmentally safe, attainable, accessible housing and economic developmental opportunities to low, very low, and moderate income residents of Central Florida.

Motto: A Hand Up is a Way Out